Youth Lens

Seven young people with refugee experiences shared their perspectives on building new lives in Australia. They took photos and wrote about what mattered to them.

I wanted to demonstrate the positive and the negative sides of my education and employment journey, the barriers that I faced and the factors that helped me to pass them. (Jack)

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In Australia there are more opportunities and freedoms. If we have freedom we can improve ourselves and become what we want to be.


My determination will help me, and so will the environment in Australia.


Being adaptable in this new life has helped me to be what I am now – independent, confident, mature and motivated.


Even though people face extreme tragedies and struggles in life, their ability to keep going during hardship teaches us the beauty of life.


When I first came to Australia I had to start my life again from zero, starting with the English alphabet.


I have many strong attributes that help me thrive and keep me working hard on things I care about.


In the future I want to improve my community and help people with their education.